Precious Blackness 2010

This is about getting more than my (our, your) two cents in. Film-biz-wise. I’m not claiming to know it all. Don’t wanna. Just wanna share, discuss, ignore, react, analyze… you know the whole range.

That being said: where’s the post-racial love? Where, oh where, is our Obama-jama?!

One year later in our Prez’s history-making (-dealing, -breaking, et al.) administration — and also in terms of what women brought to cinema, both popcorn and indie — and this is the best awards-season cover that Vanity Fair could do? Hello, can it be the thinnest, whitest decade?

Well, yippee for Gabby Sidibe then, who keeps it real and keeps on moving!

And I’m telling you “the Zoes” better play to their strengths. Miss Saldanain the sci-fi game; Miss Kravitz – as long as Daddy Kravitz lets her get bold – in the rogue but smart teen deparment.

Who’s fault is it that Vanity Fair doesn’t see “My Precious” in the BLACKNESS. (A nerd-docious reference to Golem {LOTR trilogy}, gosh-tootin dammit!)

Got the craziest responses defending the cover — is this the last frontier for civil rights or what? What reverse discrimination? Did VF claim to be race-specific to whites only, in opposition to Ebony or Essence (yeah right). WTH?

And, instead of the author focusing on the physical features of the women, as if its a “pedigree,” how about getting these (gifted/fortunate/talented/driven) ladies to talk about the image pressures they gotta keep up within their little niches/cinematic spaces and types?

How they are gonna NOT (can’t/won’t possibly!) compete against each other for roles? Will 2009’s last showbiz death be on their collective lips in public or just in whispered tones on sets?

I don’t blame them but the silence of VF, the author, the subjects and the publisher is deafening.

But The Precious Blackness (this will be ongoing BTW) can’t & will not be ignored.